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Based on more than twenty-five years of research, we have discovered numerous power-related disturbances that could harm your assets. Using a series of patented algorithms and protocols to recognize potential power concerns and remediate issues before damaging effects occur, we focus on three core competencies to improve the operating performance and reduce the cost of electronics ownership. Our Intelligent Electronics Management platform provides the following:


Real-time monitoring for over a billion dollars in currently protected assets.


Patented algorithms and protocols to handle all major power disturbances and ensure resilience.


Cloud-based analytics and management engine providing data and remote control of assets.

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Innovolt Imaging Products


The Innovolt W250 is a convenient way to protect a single outlet from surge and noise power anomalies. The W250 features a “protected” LED that illuminates to indicate that surge suppression is still available. Innovolt’s W250 protects against two of the five major power anomalies.


Innovolt’s W1500 solution offers compact protection for all power anomalies that are known to cause equipment errors, failures, and downtime. This solution focuses on value while delivering maximum protection for all electronic equipment.


The Innovolt W2000 is the most cost-effective premium power protection product, providing maximum protection against all harmful power anomalies and decreasing equipment downtime.


The Innovolt P2500 decreases equipment downtime associated with power disturbances by fully protecting against all harmful anomalies while providing fleet-wide visibility with its intuitive cloud-based management solution.


The Innovolt P2503 is the industry’s most effective way to remotely manage power protection. The P2503 will automatically report power profile data to our Innovolt Management Cloud (IMC), enabling more timely alerts and action for persistent trouble sites.


The Innovolt P3500 decreases the downtime associated with power disturbances by protecting electronic equipment from harmful anomalies. The P3500 uses Innovolt’s patented technology protects against all 5 major power disturbances— including voltage sags and resulting damaging current inrush.


Innovolt Management Cloud (IMC)

The Innovolt Management Cloud (IMC) provides users with critical insight and control into the power environment of their key electronic assets. By collecting and aggregating data onto our secure cloud, including the frequency, type and location of power-related events, the IMC provides valuable information to users about their power environment.