Innovolt Management Cloud (IMC)

Data and Insights of Power Events

The Innovolt Management Cloud (IMC) provides users with critical insight and control into the power environment of their key electronic assets. By collecting and aggregating data onto our secure cloud, including the frequency, type and location of power-related events, the IMC provides valuable information to users about their power environment.

The standard IMC subscription provides aggregated data, trends, graphical dashboards, and summary views. This provides the necessary tools for businesses to predict, measure and maximize the performance of electronic assets across their enterprise from an easy-to-use, web-based dashboard.

The IMC’s time stamping of power related events allows for easy correlation with service and error code data. The IMC Fleet option additionally provides distributed control of electronic assets with its remote power cycling capabilities.

Connected Innovolt devices communicate automatically with the IMC. Data collection is also available for nonconnected Innovolt devices by use of additional hardware. Access to the configurable data is available from any internet-connected device for analysis—giving users a clear understanding of all power-related events.

The Innovolt Management Cloud ensures system uptime and data integrity by allowing users to monitor their fleet of electronics through a web-based dashboard that is easily accessible to service departments.

IMC Highlights

      • Fleet and device-level aggregated power information
      • Protect equipment while analyzing and consolidating data from all sources
      • Remote power cycling with connected devices
      • Predict, measure, and maximize the performance of electronic assets

IMC Dashboard Capabilities

      • Access to data from any connected device
      • Clear graphical representation of collected data
      • Data presentation in multiple formats
      • Differential readings with date comparisons
      • Print-friendly reports
      • Simple data export capabilities to correlate with service calls
      • Easy integration with existing troubleshooting and diagnostic tools
Innovolt Management Cloud Brochure