Smart. Affordable. Protected.

Innovolt’s W1500 solution offers compact protection for all power anomalies that are known to cause equipment errors, failures and downtime. Beyond typical surge or filter solutions, the W1500 protects against damaging power disturbances before vital equipment can be harmed. This solution focuses on value while delivering maximum protection for all electronic equipment.

Over time power disturbances—especially voltage sags— are a major cause of electronic equipment downtime. The Innovolt W1500 provides an additional, comprehensive layer of protection by remediating the impact of damaging power disturbances before your key electronic equipment can be harmed. Innovolt’s patented technology protects against all 5 major power disturbances, including voltage sags.

Premium Technology in a Compact Solution

Innovolt’s patented core protection protects against all 5 major power disturbances—including voltage sags and resulting damaging current inrush.

Noise filtration and superior protection of connected equipment such as AC lines, tele/fax, and network surge protection.

Benefits for You

      • Reduced service calls
      • Increased equipment reliability
      • Longer equipment lifespan
      • Fewer truck rolls
      • Increased productivity
      • Better customer experience

W1500 Specifications

Nominal operating voltage
Over voltage limit
Under voltage limit
Max. continuous current
Voltage surge per UL 1449

120 V, 60 Hz

More than 150 VAC

Less than 80 VAC


500 VAC L-N, 500 VAC L-G, 500 N-G

Clamping voltage
Protected lines



180 V




8.5 V

1-2, 3-6, 4-5, 7-8

W1500 Receptacles
W1500 Plug