Protecting Vending Equipment

Innovolt’s cost-effective technology allows your vending machines to work better, longer and more profitability.

How can Innovolt help?

Innovolt’s patented power protection and analytics solutions help vending companies safeguard and optimize the performance, productivity and usable life of vending machines.

        • Innovolt is the ONLY power protection manufacturer offering protection against ALL power disturbances known to cause equipment failure and downtime
        • Test after test shows that Innovolt significantly reduces service calls for equipment failures and errors, increasing the up-time and revenue of your vending and kiosk assets. The solutions reduce spoilage while ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction
        • Spent over $15 million in R&D and has over 35 patents granted and pending

What is the Problem?

The power grid is dated and unable to support today’s sophisticated electronics. Traditional surge suppressors DO NOT protect from the vast majority of voltage events attacking your electronic assets.

Solving the Power Problem 

      • Extends the life of electronics and reduces cost of ownership (including part replacements)
      • Increases up-time and lowers service calls (on average over 30% service call savings)
      • Improves customer satisfaction and brand loyalty
      • Cost-effectively provides these benefits with an immediate ROI (typically less than 6 months)

How Vending Operators can Implement Innovolt’s Cost-Saving Technology

To achieve the best results from Innovolt’s power protection solutions, focus first on the following vending machines/accounts:

      • Any trouble machines
      • Glass front machines
      • Micro Market Kiosks
      • New installations