Basic Power Protection

The Innovolt W250 is a convenient way to protect a single outlet from surge and noise power anomalies. To save space and allow it to fit into small environments, the W250 is a direct plug-in three-prong solution that is designed to protect laptops, projectors, and A4 printers. Based on its size, the W250 is also a great travel solution for portable electronics.


Compact Solution

The W250 features a “protected” LED that illuminates to indicate that surge suppression is still available. Innovolt’s W250 protects against two of the five major power anomalies.

For more sophisticated gear that requires greater protection against all five power anomalies, including current inrush, but still requires a smaller footprint, the W1500 is an ideal solution.

W250 Specifications

Nominal operating voltage
Max. continuous current
Voltage surge per UL 1449
120 V, 60 Hz
15 A
330 VAC L-N, 330 VAC L-G, 330 VAC N-G
W250 Receptacle
W250 Plug