Audio/Visual & Home Automation

Home automation is one of the greatest innovations of our time.  With just a touch, or now just your voice, you can control your environment in ways never thought possible just a decade ago.  While the goal of automation is for it to be easy and to ‘just work’, there’s a myriad of electronics running behind the scenes that have to work perfectly to make this a reality.

These electronics are highly sensitive and very susceptible to power quality issues.  Ever notice the lights dimming on a hot summer’s day?  That very quick dimming is just one issue in your home’s electricity that could take the entire house down and require a reboot.  Even ‘noise’ emitted from your cell phone looking for service can cause disruptions.

The INV-1000 creates clean, stable power that your electronics demand.  Even if you have a whole house generator, or solar, these take time to start up and that causes temporary blackouts that will take your system offline.  The INV-1000 will safeguard your system from all power problems in your home and ensure your system “just works.”

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Innovolt Audio/Visual Products


The Innovolt Double Conversion / On-Line Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) provides disturbance-free, stable power to your rack to extend equipment life, improve performance, and reduce downtime.