Precision Voltage Regulating UPS

We take for granted that electrical power is abundant, stable, and free of disturbances. But power issues cause a great deal of AV system downtime. By using the Innovolt Double Conversion / On-Line Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), you can provide disturbance-free, stable power to your rack to extend equipment life, improve performance, and reduce downtime.

A Double Conversion / On-Line UPS takes unstable AC power from either the grid or a secondary power source, converts it to DC, then regenerates a very Low THD AC Sine Wave with +/-1% accuracy for both voltage and frequency. It not only provides continuous power when switching to or from a secondary power source (no more unwanted system reboots after a power outage!), but it also acts as a full-time voltage regulator to provide the clean, stable power your electronics are designed to accept, providing round-the-clock protection.



Pure Sine Wave – Double Conversion Technology—Provides an ultra-low noise/distortion, fully regulated AC output to power your sensitive AV/IT/Security equipment. Near-perfect AC power improves equipment performance, reduces equipment lockups, and extends equipment life.

High Power Factor—A high power factor means more usable wattage for your connected equipment!

High Current In-rush Capabilities—High over-current supply capacity means the UPS will not falter when you turn ON connected equipment.

SNMP Card—All UPSs come standard with an SNMP card. This card allows for remote network-based access to UPS status such as Input and Output Voltage Level, Battery Backup Time Remaining, etc. via its internal web server. Other functionality includes SNMP V1/V2/V3 support as well as email alerts when UPS is in alarm mode.

Rack Mounting and Floor Standing Hardware—All UPSs come standard with 2RU front rackmount brackets, & pedestal brackets for tower-style floor standing. 2kVA & 3kVA models also come standard with 4-post rack rails.

Hot Swappable Batteries—No more downtime because of battery issues! When the batteries need replacing, simply remove the front cover and battery cover to gain access to the standard batteries. No need to remove the UPS from the rack and no need to turn off the UPS!

Warranty—Three year warranty on the UPS electronics and batteries. For five year warranty option, consult your representative.