Protecting Imaging & Office Equipment

Over the past 40+ years, there have been no significant advances in the quality of power delivered from our grid, and yet the electronic equipment we deploy and rely on daily continues to grow more digitally advanced and sensitive. Inconsistent power places the reliability and efficiency of our electronic equipment in constant jeopardy. Factors productivity, profitability, and end-user satisfaction are at risk when equipment isn’t protected from power fluctuations that quite literally are occurring daily.

Even minor voltage fluctuations can wreak havoc on sensitive office equipment, causing system lockups, board failures, resets, premature equipment failures, and high service and parts costs.


      • 20 years of Grid data confirms that surge is the rarest of all disturbances while sags account for the majority
      • Both external (grid) and internal (building) disturbances impact electronics causing them to malfunction, operate inefficiently, or even be damaged or destroyed completely
      • Traditional surge suppressors DO NOT protect from the vast majority of voltage events that negatively impact sensitive electronics.