Protecting Banking Equipment & ATMs

ATMs are the Forefront of Your Bank

The move towards branch optimization is increasing the number and importance of electronic assets in the banking environment. This increasing reliance on electronics makes the availability of these electronic assets an even greater priority.

Protect Your ATMs from Harmful Power Disturbances

As we move into this more electronic environment, outages and stable power are critical factors in avoiding costly service issues. The power grid and in-building wiring create various power disturbances that affect all plugged-in electronic equipment. If left unprotected these important electronic assets can malfunction or fail which leads to poor user experiences, low availability, and higher cost of ownership.

Today’s ATMs not only provide cash transactions, but they also provide check scanning, cardless access, credit card or loan payments, live teller video conferencing, and more. These advanced devices are especially susceptible to the five major power disturbances and only Innovolt protects ATMs from all five.

Innovolt Provides Industry Leading Protection to ATMs

Innovolt provides the only comprehensive power protection solution that protects ATMs from all types of power disturbances that occur on the power grid and within building wiring. Innovolt not only protects the ATM itself, but also the communication and connectivity equipment that is crucial to today’s ATMs. Across multiple electronic assets, our technology has proven to reduce service calls by 40-60%.

Other power protection solutions only solve part of the problem:

      • UPS – Primarily used to provide power when the grid fails but does not protect against power disturbances generated from the power grid or in-building wiring
      • Power conditioners/Isolation transformers – Only treat one specific building wiring issue, do not protect against power disturbances generated from the power grid or other in-building issues
      • Surge protectors – Only treat one specific grid issue, do not protect against other power disturbances generated from the power grid or in-building issues

Innovolt offers protection from both in-building and power grid-generated disturbances and can be used in conjunction with a UPS or isolation transformer when needed.

Increased Data Insight and Remote Power-Cycling

In addition to the best power protection available, Innovolt gives ATM operators unprecedented visibility into their power environment. Innovolt provides fleet-wide aggregation and analytics of power data through a web-based dashboard that is complementary to existing diagnostic and troubleshooting tools. The Innovolt solution also provides operators with the ability to remotely power-cycle ATMs from the dashboard often completely eliminating the need for a service truck roll.