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Capabilities   Benefits

Fleet Control

Remote Power Cycling

  • Increased control and responsiveness
  • Fewer truck rolls


Fleetwide visibility

  • Increased visibility
  • Faster diagnostics
  • Proactive service

Core Protection

Comprehensive protection against all five power disturbances

  • Substantially reduced service calls
  • Increased uptime and customer satisfaction
SmartProtect Plus 

About the Innovolt Management Cloud

The Innovolt Management Cloud (IMC) provides users with critical insight and control into the power environment of their key electronic equipment. By collecting and aggregating data onto our secure cloud, including the frequency, type and location of power-related events, the IMC provides valuable insights to users about their power environment.

These insights including trends, graphical dashboards and summary views provide the necessary tools for businesses to predict, measure and maximize the performance of electronic assets across their enterprise from an easy-to-use, web-based dashboard.

The IMC Fleet option provides distributed control of electronic assets with its remote power cycling capabilities and is available as part of the Innovolt-as-a-Service offering or with a separate subscription.

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