Questioning the value of Power Protection? You're right to do so.

Does power protection offer any incremental protection beyond the power supply?

The Innovolt Difference: Protection Beyond the Power Supply


  • Research shows that electronic equipment failures are primarily caused by Electrical Overstresses (EOS).
  • Existing Power protection solutions only address a small percentage of the overall number of EOS causes.
  • Often, these solutions are redundant to the solutions already designed into the protected equipment itself.

Most power protection solutions center around surge protection, combined with EMI noise filters. Surges are rare, and most modern power supplies already contain surge protection and EMI noise filtering.

Innovolt is different. Our patented technology goes beyond protecting just electronic components. It monitors the incoming electrical service for disturbance signatures that can cause downtime and service calls.

Innovolt protects from not only surges, but also from brownouts, blackouts, over voltages and voltage sags. That’s something that you won’t get from the power supply - or from existing power protection products.


Does power protection provide your service team with information to help more quickly resolve issues?

Existing power protection solutions don’t provide you any data that confirms or eliminates power issues as the root cause of errors. How many times do you suspect power issues are causing errors but can’t prove it to your techs, much less your customer? They don’t help you diagnose or remotely power cycle equipment before dispatching a technician. And they don’t help your technicians.

Innovolt solutions provide an up-to-date picture of power events and when they happened, to help technicians correlate errors and failures with power disturbances. These insights can be accessed through a cloud-based platform that gives you immediate insights into root causes and can produce reports that can be shared with customers for collaborative actions.

Innovolt helps make your technicians the smartest guys in the room – and helps maintain the reputation of your brand.

The Innovolt Difference: Data Insights

Does power protection drive meaningful service call reductions that allow you to compete and grow without increased fixed costs?

Through its comprehensive power protection, Innovolt can substantially reduce service calls, resulting in higher uptime and customer satisfaction. Insights from Innovolt’s data aggregation and reporting can help reduce the time to restore and foster a more consultative approach to service calls with customers. Both can bolster customer retention through superior customer service and value, which are critical in today’s competitive environment.

Service call reduction also means that you can scale your business without sacrificing geographic coverage, responsiveness and call quality. You can improve reliability, minimize downtime and enhance the customer experience without a corresponding increase in fixed costs to your organization.

Innovolt Difference: Service Call Reductions

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